You have to be hard now, hard so nothing can ever touch us. 你要变强,让别人无法伤害我们。

We stick together, no matter what. 无论如何,我们要形影不离。

金刚狼:Go fuck yourself.

You boys tired of running? Tired of denying your true nature?


There's so much more to you than you know.Not just pain,and anger.There's good too,I felt it.And when you can access all that,you will possess a power.No one can match,not even me. 你比自己知道的要丰富得多,不光是痛苦和愤怒。这也很好,我感受到了,你能有这些感情,就具备了无人能比的能力,即便是我也不如。

Remember, the point between range and serenity.

Oh,my friend.I'm sorry, but we do not. 我的朋友,我很抱歉,但是我们并不在一条路上。